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The History of Rock N Gold Creations

Simon Mattar, owner and founder of Rock N Gold Creations (RGC) was taught by “The Mattars”, his grandfather; Louie Mattar and father; Joseph Mattar. Both men were known for possessing gifted craftsmanship. On Oct 5th, 1992, Simon established Rock N Gold Creations as a Designer jewelry trade and manufacturing Artisan shop in San Diego. By 1996, RGC had become well-known for its manufacturing quality and efficiency, expanding its horizons with a public showroom and a new state-of-the-art workshop. In 2001, RGC moved to its current location on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. to better serve the San Diego community. From 2005 to present, Rock N Gold Creations has won several awards for Simon’s jewelry designs, Voted Best Designer Jewelry in San Diego 4 years in a row and featured on the many local news stations.

About Simon Mattar

Simon attended the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 1988; graduating in the top three of his class as a Jewelry Artisan. After graduation, Simon worked for major jewelry stores in San Diego for 3 years before starting his own business. Simon continues to be on the cutting edge of the design and manufacturing world of quality custom designed jewelry. Combining the latest in technology with the finest old school jewelry techniques, Simon has created its “Cool as Ever Creations,” a collection of one-of-a-kind jewelry designs. “Cool as Ever Creations” are true works of art: a truly unique combination of masterful design skills combined with a theme or story creates these timeless masterpieces. The development of completely unique designs, Simon has made it a goal to provide the highest quality designs,…
…impeccable workmanship, and an unmatched dedication to customer service. Simon’s designs are manufactured with the highest level of integrity and the finest materials available. To maintain this high level of excellence, Simon only uses collection quality diamonds and gemstones in all their creations.

Mission Statement

Rock N Gold Creations aims to exceed our clientele’s expectations. RGC’s ultimate goal is to make sure that everyone can have a piece that captures their personality and quality that will last for a lifetime also for our clients to be absolutely excited with their RGC Designed Jewels for many years to come.

Louie Mattar & his Fabulous Car from postcard, circa 1950's.

Simon Mattar's (founder of Rock N Gold Creations) highly skilled craftsmanship originated from his Grandfather, Louie Mattar, a local San Diego celebrity who became famous for building "The Fabulous Car" featured at the San Diego Automotive Museum. Simon's mentor and Father, Joseph Mattar, a master woodworker and highly skilled automotive engineer was instrumental in teaching Simon the finest in craftsmanship and engineering.