Jewelry Repair Shop Onsite

Services Offered:

  • Laser welding
  • Repairs on gold, silver, platinum and palladium
  • Stone replacement (diamonds and gemstones)
  • Complete remount service
  • Rhodium plating
  • Hand and laser engraving
  • Refurbish and refinish
  • Rebuilding broken prongs
  • Re-tipping prongs
  • Ring sizing and soldering together
  • Jewelry conversions (ring to pendant, etc.)
  • Ring shank replacement ( heavier)
  • Chain soldering and clasp replacement
  • Diamond certificates, diamond cutting and repair service
  • Gemstone cutting and repair service
  • Refurbish and refinishing of watch cases
  • Repair or refinishing of watchband
  • Earring post replacement or conversion any type of metal
  • Specialty platinum work of any type
  • Bracelet repair
  • Eye glass repair
  • Pearl and gemstone bead restringing
  • Custom work ( wax designs, castings, stone setting )
  • Jewelry appraisals

Rock N Gold Creations has a full service ON-SITE Jewelry Repair Shop in Kearny Mesa centrally located in San Diego for your
convenience. Our GIA graduate bench jewelers are highly trained for high quality precision workmanship. Rock N Gold Creations takes great pride in maintaining a high level of expectation on the quality of work provided for their clients. Rock N Gold Creations uses the latest laser technology for jewelry repair and manufacturing.

Laser technology opens the doors for restoration, repair, and manufacturing work previously thought impossible. Unlike traditional repairs that require heating large areas, the computer controlled laser beam pinpoints heat at precisely where metals are to be joined.

This controllable heat accuracy effectively eliminates the normal risk to heat-sensitive gemstones.

Nothing beats laser welding for platinum work. Platinum is a metal that must be welded, either by torch or by laser, however torch welding heats the entire piece including gemstones and all. This type of heat opens up many problems with visible sizing joints, melted links, burnt stones, and brittle prongs. Laser welding technology puts the heat where it’s needed, without changing the structural integrity of your valued piece. Call TODAY for your complimentary jewelry repair evaluation at 858-571-4560!

Rock N Gold Creations services your fine jewelry and time pieces in La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, Mission Valley and downtown San Diego.