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Rock N Gold Creations offers expert silver, gold, platinum and jewelry buying services. Simon Mattar, founder of RGC is a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) with 20 years experience buying estate jewelry and coins. Do you have scrap jewelry that you not longer wear? Do you have solid silver serving dishes or utensils that you longer use? Or do you have coins you would like to sell? If so, we can offer you a free evaluation of your items and immediate payment. Call for your appointment at 858-571-4560 today!

List of Precious Items handled by RGC:

  • Gold jewelry & accessories (all karats)
  • Platinum jewelry
  • Sterling silver jewelry (plus serving/flatware & accessories)
  • Broken chains & pendants
  • Broken rings
  • Out-dated pieces
  • Diamonds & gems
  • Precious metal coins & bullions
  • Fine watches
  • Bracelets
  • Body jewelry
  • All misc precious metal items
Rock N Gold Creations buys and sells gold coins & bullion.
Collection of misc. silver items for silver scrap refining.
Collection of misc. gold items for gold scrap refining.
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