There are many different reasons

why laser weldiworking laser welder rock n gold creationsng jewelry is superior to soldering. To better understand the differences, we must first look closely at the two processes.

Soldering, or more appropriately brazing, is a capillary fill system where solder is heated with a gas-oxygen torch or open flame.  The solder then flows across and bridges the noble metals together.  … Read More

Rock N Gold Creations Captures The True Meaning of Haute Jewelry Design

The meaning of HAUTE, by definition: high level of elegance. The meaning of JEWELRY DESIGN, is the art or profession of creating, crafting, fabricating or rendering design for jewelry.  Simon Mattar, founder & master jewelry design artisan of Rock N Gold Creations has captured the culture of both HAUTE & JEWELRY DESIGN in the way he does business. First of

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