Commercial Jewelry vs. Designer Jewelry

Platinum & 18kt Rose Gold Diamond Ring by RGC

What is the difference between commercial jewelry vs. designer jewelry? Most department stores are filled with cases of commercial jewelry. Shopping Mall jewelry stores typically carry commercial jewelry as well. However, when you visit a gallery or a free-standing jewelry store, you will most likely find designer jewelry.
What is Designer Jewelry? Designer jewelry usually refers to jewelry that adheres … Read More

The History of Diamond Engagement Rings

Platinum Round Brilliant Diamond Halo Ring by RGC
Rock N Gold Custom Creations by Master Design Artisan Simon Mattar, Founder of Rock N Gold Creations. Platinum Double Halo Design featuring Round Brilliant Center Stone accented by Round Brilliant Diamond side stones. RGC “Signature Blue Diamond” Collection.

Diamonds signify steadfast, enduring love because of their unmatched strength and beauty. It’s no wonder diamond engagement rings are the most popular … Read More